Searching for GileadSearching for Gilead is David G. Hallman's first novel. Released October 2011. 

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About the book:

"Searching for Gilead" is a chronicle of love, laughter, and loss. The novel traces the connections between the Compton and Fischer families over three and a half decades. Linked initially by the love affair of two of the sons, Jonathan and Tom, the families' inter-relationships evolve into an intriguing web. 

Below the story line runs a series of complex issues: the place of religion in our lives and in the world; injustice in global affairs; the joy and pain of love; threats to the environment; the role of the arts as we try and make sense of the world around us; dealing with the death of loved ones. 

Written in an evocative and fast-paced style, the novel thrusts the reader from the first page into the dynamic lives of the characters and never lets up. At times witty and comic, and at times poignant and shocking, the story traverses the globe from Toronto to Venice, from New York to Nairobi, from Geneva to Marrakech. 

"Searching for Gilead" is a thought-provoking and totally engaging read.