Reader's comment on August Farewell 
August Farewell is a tender and heart-warming love story and when I first became aware of it I was immediately intrigued by its premise. I was excited to read a gay love story from real life, but the theme of coming to terms with the impending death of one's life partner struck a particularly sensitive chord within my heart. 


It was both endearing and reassuring for me, as a gay man, to read your reminiscence of a long, happy and healthy relationship with your loving partner. The accounts from different periods of your life together seemed to me to portray what I, as a young man, and so many of my gay friends, had day-dreamed about as we developed our worldview as homosexual men. A lasting and true relationship, based on friendship, trust and shared experiences.


 I say 'reassuring' because your story gives testament to deep love, in a time when, it seems to me, the concept of "love" is being increasingly debated as some type of abstract ideal. Furthermore it gives testament to what people are capable of in their dedication to one another, and how that dedication creates value not only for two lovers, but for the people around them.
A heart that has been emboldened by love can unreservedly mediate love to countless others.
By reading your book I couldn't help but reflect on how I myself  would react and deal with being in the situation of caring for a person, perhaps a potential love-of-my-life, during the last days of their life. Especially in a situation where the end draws near sooner than one could prepare for. It is hard to know anything about how one would actually cope with such circumstances, but reading your story helped me put those speculations in perspective.
Your sincerity in describing difficult details of the experience - for example, how you and Bill come to terms with his death, the physical pain he went through, how his demeanor seemed to change as a result of his physical deterioration - by letting your readers in like that you provide us with a cathartic reading experience.
Thank you for sharing your story.
With my respect,
Kristján Hans Óskarsson,


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