About August Farewell

In this thoughtful and deeply personal memoir, David narrates the sixteen days after his partner Bill was diagnosed with terminal cancer and intersperses vignettes drawn from their thirty-three years together as a gay couple. During their lengthy relationship, both were deeply committed to social and environmental justice, loved the arts and traveling, cared for their aging parents, and embraced faith and spirituality—values that were never more important to them than during the final days of Bill's life.

About Searching for Gilead

The novel traces the connections between the Compton and Fischer families over three and a half decades. Linked initially by the love affair of two of the sons, Jonathan and Tom, the families' inter-relationships evolve into an intriguing web. Underneath the love story narrative, challenging issues are addressed including religion, global injustice, relationships, the arts, environment, and the death of loved ones. A thought-provoking and totally-engaging read.